Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate Target!

I was browsing the aisles of Target the other day and look at what I found: chocolate mousse! I used to have chocolate mousse all the time when I was in France, and I don't think I've had it since.

In in the frozen foods aisle, and you just thaw and serve the individual servings. It's part of Target's Archer Farms, which I guess is their "gourmet" line. It's not the best mousse I ever had, but it's good for a frozen food.

The regular price is $5.99, but it was on sale for $2.98, I think because the boxes were a little damaged. However, each serving is individually wrapped in a plastic cup so it they were safe. Be careful though, each serving is 330 calries and 230 fat calories! So I won't be having these too often. Honestly if I had seen that before I bought them, I wouldn't have bought them!

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