Thursday, August 13, 2009

FitFlops - The best thing my feet have ever felt

I love, love, love my FitFlops. I got them because of the claim that wearing them can help you lose weight, but only after I was assured by other who have them that they comfortable.

I'm so glad that I bought them because I would cherish them even if they didn't help me lose weight. They are like walking on a huge pillow of marshmallows. I'm not sure whether I have lost weight because of wearing them or not. But even if you just wear them around the house, you will fall in love with them.

I am so particular about clothing, especially shoes. I really don't get the concept of wearing things that are uncomfortable. On all these makeover shows they talk about how "comfort is not a style", however, the deciding factor is always comfort for me. I may be drawn to something but its cuteness, but if I try it on and it is uncomfortable, I am not buying it plain and simple.

How many times have you seen someone pulling at their clothes because something isn't right, a frown on their face because the fabric is itchy, walking like a chimpanzee or with their shoes in their hands because the shoes are painful, etc. It makes you look silly or like you are trying to hard.

Anywho, I personally like the Walkstar III, I have those in black. I like the patent finish on the strap, so the shoes don't look too casual. However, they have a number of fabulous color combinations. I would love to have the Walkstar 3 in Flamingo and in Blueberry. Normally I wear a size ten, but I got a size 11 because the company warns that the shoes do not stretch, and size 11 was worked out perfectly.

Do any of you own a pair of FitFlops? Which ones? You can buy them through the following links:

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