Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homemade Treats for Pups and Persons

I found this little gem on Lifehacker - homemade puppy treats! Lifehacker has the following introduction:

"If homemade dog treats sound appealing because of the questionable nature
of pet food manufacturing, or you just want to build a better dog biscuit, then
this tutorial is for you.
Even if you don't consider yourself a master-class
chef, making your own dog biscuits is a very forgiving undertaking. When your
principle consumer is a creature not above eating road kill, you'll be quickly
forgiven for burning it a little in the oven."

The recipe is found at Craftzine, where the author assures you that this is something both you and your pet can eat. I mean all the ingredients are things people normally eat anyway. Predictably, I wasn't blown away by the taste, but it was a bonding experience to be eating the same thing as my adorable pup. And she loved them! Hopefully it was because she could taste the love I baked them with :).

I wanted to do the liver treats too, however, I still can't find a place that sells liver. Even though I don't have a dehydrator, I figured I can just use the oven on a low setting. Get the recipes here.

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