Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorites: Chapstick Lip Balm

I have tried a lot of different lip balms. And when I say a lot, I mean a whole lot. The prices have ranged from free (promotional gifts at the mall, job fairs, etc.) to upwards of $30.

I would never buy an expensive lip balm, but my mom swears by Clarins lip moisturizer. Before that, she loved Fashion Fair's lip moisturizer. Other ones I have tried are Walgreen's "chapstick", Bath and Body Work's lip balms, Smuckers soda-flavored lip balms, Carmex, Nivea's Kiss of Moisture, Nivea's Kiss of Protection, Philosophy's Kiss Me and countless others. They all suck. To me, at least. Well, Philosophy's Kiss Me is good as a lip gloss, however it tastes disgusting so only use a little at a time. I just love trying new things, perhaps it's a grass is greener type of thing. But truthfully, cherry chapstick has never let me down.

Why I love cherry chapstick: like Katy Perry, I love the way it tastes :). I hate the taste of those weird oils and medications that can be lip balms / moisturizers. I like the matte finish. You should always use a balm as a base to protect your lips, and this is something I can use with matte lipsticks or shiny glosses. Similarly, it's hard to line your lip with a shiny, slippery balm. Sometimes I even apply lipliner before applying chapstick. However, if my lips are dry, it's still easier apply lipliner after using chapstick than other balms. In addition, I like the pink tint, it looks very girly and sweet just by itself. You also get a little sunscreen, and that never hurts!

Last but not least, it's never more than $2.00! At that price, you can keep one in your bathroom, your purse makeup bag, your desk, your backpack, and your car, etc. Plus, you don't have to worry if you lose one.

What's your favorite balm?

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