Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Tip: Saving money at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is wonderful because they have such an array of rare products (especially oils to use in hair), and the vast majority of the products they carry are organic. I especially like to buy produce there.

However, it can be crazy expensive. Today I bought some almond butter and the checkout clerk was nice enough to let me know that there was a coupon for it in their coupon book. She then also let me know that they accept competitor's coupons. I assumed she meant for individual items. However, she told me that they even accept coupons such as $5 of $25, $10 of $50. I always get this in the mail from Plumm Market, Busch's, etc.

I forgot to ask her if they accepts ones from Meijer, Safeway, etc., or if by competitors they just mean high-end grocery stores and boutiques. Always nice to know how to save money, especially in this recession.

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