Friday, August 14, 2009

What beauty service makes you feel fab?

1. Getting my hair did!
For me, the number one thing is getting my hair done! I feel oh-so-fabulous, like I can conquer the entire world. I love the smell the iron and the salon leaves in my hair. As soon as I walk out, I just love to flip my hair from side to side, tellipathically telling everyone: "You know you like it huh. I just got it done! I already know it looks great, but thank you!"

Especially when I get a weave or braids! I totally see why they say donning a wig can help you create a new personna and ignite sparks in the bedroom (tmi?). When I get some new style, I also get a new attitude! With bold color, I feel so fun, current, and adventurous. Seriously I begin to do this I wouldn't otherwise (Another day, another post). With a sleek, clean, jet black weave that looks realistic, I feel professional and confident. With a long, flowing weave, I ooze sensuality. With individual braids, I feel like goody-two shoes girl I was growing up, when I always had braids. When hair is simply flat ironed, I feel so proud of myself for wearing my "real" hair, lol. Cornrows make me feel like I am getting back in touch with my roots.

However, when it goes wrong I can be the biggest drama queen, calling whoever picks up first with a barriage of tears and anger. Honestly, I would be less upset if a cougar scratched my face and left a long scar than if someone pressured me into cutting off 2 inches. Maybe I should just start wearing a tshirt into hair appointments that says "I DON'T DO TRIMS. THANKS". I should look into that.

2. Getting my nails did

This can be a rush too. I especially like to get french painted nails. This is probably because I could never have the patience to do it myself. I love certain types of pampering but I do not have patience for a number of things. ESPECIALLY nail filing. I would rather watch paint dry (pun intended)! So my nails are usually natural.

However, I must qualify this. While it is fun to get the whole manicure thing, as a grad student on a budget I feel much better about just getting my nails painted once in a while. At your average nail salon this is about $10 cheaper. Especially since my nails alwys start to chip on the second or third day, sometimes even the same day! The nail painting service might not be on your salon's price list. Just ask them how much it would be to have your nail just polished, not a manicure. In my experience, the nail painting service has consisted of removing the previous polish, if any; cuticle oil being applied to cuticles, nail filing and cutting, and base coat, polish, top coat. I never get my cuticles cut anyway, and I've stopped getting them pushed back. One time I got this parrafin wax thing and it was so ridiculous I almost started laughing. I got it because my skin hadn't adjusted to the Michigan cold and was as dry as who knows what, but it nothing. Plus it ruined one of my favorite sweaters!

I think french nails are the sexiest. But I love to experiment with funky, bright and trendy colors. However, if my nails aren't natural or french, they are usually pink, followed by red. I don't like matchy matchy nails. Usually my fingernails are a lighter version of whatever is on my toes.

Never again will I get tips put on. I thought they were fun and sexy the one time I did them. Boy did I have fun hearing them tap on my keyboard when I typed! However, I got tired of having to fill them in and I was anxious to see how my own nails were doing under there, so I had them taken off. At first I was happy because they were really long, and my nails never grow out long. However, they were so thin and weak from the stuff they used to dissolve off the tips! They hurt and made this dreadful noise whenever something touched them the wrong way. And they were a weird yellow color, if I remember correctly. My whole nail had to grow out, all the way from the cuticle, before they were normal again! You can imagine how long that took. After that I decided, whether this side effect is rare or not I am never doing this again. No mam! Never again.
Things I don't like / Get

1. Facials

I can wash my own face, thanks. Why would a pay you a fat stack of cash to do it? Same reason which I tend to skip the stuff that takes a nail paint to a manicure. I can soak my own hands in soapy water, wash it off, and then rub them with lotion. It called doing the dishes.

2. Massages

Wait, I have to pay for you to beat me up? What about if I tell you your spouse just cheated on you with me? Then will you do it for free? Wait, never mind, I still don't want it. I am extremely sensitive and ticklish. I can never relax, I can never take me mind elsewhere. Everytime I get one for free I regret it. Never would I ever pay even one cent for one. I have gone over this with many people. I am supposed to like them, they are supposed to be good for you. Maybe I have been getting the wrong type for me. However, I am not willing to risk more pain, tickles, and random person touches to find out for sure.

So, that's me! What makes you feel fab, divas?

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