Friday, August 14, 2009

You're a Jerk ;) and You're Cute!

So I love the song You're a Jerk by the New Boyz. A lot of people have been leaving comments on YouTube and Facebook saying "Really, you're a jerk? Is this what music is coming to? Rap is dead!" I think that the fact that they are speaking on something they don't even understand is both funny and embarrasing for them, and highlights the irony and wordplay of the song. They can go in a corner and do The Square. Jerking refers to a style of dance which originated in Southern California. It's like SoCal's version of getting hyphy and going dumb. Youtube "jerk" for examples.

What I love about Cali - my home turf - is our carefree attitude and the fact that never take ourselves too seriously. That's why I rep Cali everyday, in every way, no matter where I stay! Ya dig? Lol, I'm on the verge of getting to old to talk like that!

The only thing that makes this song better is this Rick Roll video of the song! I love it! Check it:

And if you like cute (and you doesn't), check out this spoof "You're Cute". It's funny too:

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